How To Crack NEET 2021 + License Number Free Download

By | August 2, 2021

How To Crack NEET 2021 + License Number Free Download

Indeed obliged to have such clear tips to crack NEET. I have not prepared as yet anything for How To Crack NEET 2021. I am currently in 12th standard from Tamil Nadu State Board. I am told that we need to study NCERT books. Sir, my question is if I would need to study NCERT books apart from my Tamil Nadu State Board syllabus. I have limited time. Kindly advise how to go about it. I don’t wish to miss the NEET attempt. Sir, is there any specific tip to crack NEET for me? Please accept my gratitude in advance.

Hi Thyagarajan, you do not need to worry. Afterall syllabus of any state board or for that matter syllabus of Tamil Nadu State Board is more or less the same as CBSE. There could be a difference of 5-10% in the syllabus. The NCERT books are based on CBSE syllabus. NCERT books are definitely standard books but you don’t need to start reading NCERT books all over again. After all principles of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the same universally.

I would suggest you focus on practising questions from CareerOrbits courses. You should practice all the questions, approx 8-9,000 questions given to you in the practice tests in our courses. At an average of 60-70 questions a day, you can still prepare for NEET with a target of 600+. Your preparation speed is much faster when you prepare with CareerOrbits because you don’t have to waste your time in grappling to get the right answer or run for doubt clearance. You get doubt clearance on every question on just a click. This speeds up your preparation and learning both.

How To Crack NEET 2021

Stay focused on practice. Attempt all the questions in the practice tests and clear all your revision lists. You can easily crack NEET with 600+ and even 650+ score. All the best.for nice tips to crack NEET-PMT. I am a 3rd-time repeater, pursuing B.Sc. now. Now, I understand what mistakes I committed while preparing for NEET in previous attempts. But, I am still confused which material and books to prepare from and if I can manage my preparations in next 6 months so that I am able to crack NEET with at least 560+ in NEET 2018. I would be sincerely obliged by your kind help and guidance.

Ragini, firstly you don’t have time to read all the books. Secondly reading the books would not help you much because you have already studied PCB in 11th and 12th. What you need is a solid practice of the questions of the level which come in NEET and AIIMS to be able to crack NEET this time. I would suggest you to simply focus on the questions given in ‘NEET UG Repeater Course’. Don’t leave any question in the practice question bank. Every question which you wrongly attempt is added to your Revision List. Clear all your Revision List(s) by repeatedly practising these questions. Repeatedly practising on your weaker areas is far better and effective than repeatedly reading the chapters. With our courses, you don’t need to buy any additional books.
Why keep the target at 560+? To crack NEET, keep the target at 650+ or at least 600+ to be able to make it a decent Govt. medical college. Feel free to speak to our counsellors at the helpdesk to guide you personally. All the best.

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